💓What/Who is Decent

Decent is an EVM-compatible platform that enables tokenized smart contract protocols to progressively decentralize their governance and operations.

We help teams go from a multisig or Snapshot client, to fully modular onchain governance by offering composable tools, integrations, and workflows that support decentralization without compromising on execution.

Access Decent here: app.decentdao.org


Our mission is to redefine how companies are built and run by making decentralization the obvious choice for maximizing stakeholder alignment.


We envision a world where DAOs power the next generation of human institutions that are 10x better at managing resources, making decisions, and coordinating collective action.

Core Values

Sovereignty - Communities should decide their own futures. Agency - The power to act is foundational. Courage - We must be brave when facing uncertainty. Safety - We need to ensure safety in order to operate on the frontier.

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