Answers to the most common questions about Decent.

What is Decent?

Decent is the most composable DAO app and framework. Users can form complex parent-child Safe hierarchies and govern in whatever structure suits their needs. This extends existing Safe{Wallet}'s with no-code capabilities of multiple governance options, executive powers between child Safes as well as templating functionality to fast-track day-to-day operations.

As an example, an organization could form agile child Safes - each powered by a multi sig - that are accountable to a token voting community at the parent level. Or a different user could want to progressively decentralize; a small group of NFT voting members could keep some executive powers over a token voting community. All these options and more are available so that DAOs no longer feel like their locked into doing governance a certain way. Your DAO. Your Way!

What problem does Decent solve and how did the idea come to be?

DAOs are stuck. There are an infinite number of possibilities available to DAOs but current organizations aren't agile or open enough to take advantage. Moving on-chain feels like giving up their agility, scalability and community experimentation. They have to pick one governance for their entire DAO. They lack the technical bandwidth to compose complicated sub-Safe structures and wish it could be as no-code as drag and drop.

Why did you choose to build around Safe{Wallet} (by Gnosis)

DAOs essentially just add custom decision making powers to digital assets. This requires a huge amount of trust that the treasury will hold these assets securely. We chose to build around Safe{Wallet} multisig (formerly Gnosis Safe) because it is the industry standard for storing assets. As well as this, 90%+ of DAOs already use a Safe, meaning getting started with Decent is as easy as searching for your Safe's address in our nav bar. Users never have to feel locked-in to a DAO tool again as Safes are built end-to-end to be custom and modular (see below).

How is Decent modular? What does this mean for my DAO?

Decent is a small set of components and permissions attached to a Safe{Wallet} multisig. While we provide the initial set of defaults, the Fractal framework itself is infinitely customizable.

Don’t like ERC-20 token-based voting? Your DAO can vote to remove the strategy and approve a new one. The crypto ecosystem is always expanding so your DAO from day 1 needs to be upgradeable to the latest and greatest.

What chain is Decent built on?

Decent is built on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Our contracts are deployed to many mainnets, including Ethereum, Base, Polygon, and Optimism. See a full list of supported networks in app.

Can I import an existing Safe{Wallet} treasury and governance token?

Yes, absolutely. We want to make starting with Decent as easy for existing DAOs as possible. If you don't have either though, you can also start from scratch at the click of a button.

What is the tech stack for Decent?

Web app: React, Typescript, Web3Modal, Wagmi, Viem, etc

Smart Contracts and Test Suite: Solidity, OpenZeppelin, Hardhat, Ethers

Is Decent Open-Source?

Yes, Decent is completely open source. You can find all of our code at the Decent DAO Github.

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