Create a Parent Safe

From the Decent app homepage, click Create a Safe, or navigate to

Establish Essentials

The first step is to select a few initial options for your Safe, including:

  • Name - What you'll call this Safe. This name is simply logged as a smart contract event, and can be changed later on via a proposal on your Safe.

  • Governance Type - How your Safe will be governed. A multisig Safe is simply a Safe{Wallet}. For Token Voting or NFT governance, this is a Safe contract wallet with an Azorius Zodiac module attached.

  • Snapshot - An optional ENS name used for your Safe's Snapshot space. This may be updated later on as well.

We'll enter a name and select Token Voting.

Configure Voting Token

Here we'll select the options for your governance token.

You may opt to create a new ERC-20 token, or use any existing ERC-20 token to vote on proposals for your new Safe.

We'll select New Token.

Your new governance token has a few parameters, which include:

  • Token Name - The name of your new ERC-20 token.

  • Token Symbol - A short "ticker" style symbol for your token, typically 3-5 characters.

  • Token Supply - The total available supply of your token, as a whole number (think ETH, not WEI).

  • Initial Token Allocations - Which addresses will receive tokens as soon as this token is deployed. Unallocated tokens are deposited in your new Safe's treasury.

If Existing Token is selected, you will not be able to modify name, symbol, or supply, as these are already set on the existing ERC-20 token.

We'll set the shown parameters, and click Next to go to the final stage of Safe creation.

Compose Governance

Lastly, we'll set governance parameters for our new Safe:

  • Voting Period - The total time a new proposal is able to be voted on.

  • Quorum - The percentage of tokens that are necessary to vote in order to make the pass a proposal, reguardless of how they vote.

  • Timelock Period - The amount of time between when a proposal passes, and when it can actually be executed on the blockchain. This can be as low as 0 minutes.

  • Execution Period - The amount of time a passed proposal has to be executed before it expires.

These parameters are only estimates, and are ultimately converted to blocks when submitted to the governance contract.

You can now deploy your new Token Voting parent Safe. Connect to your wallet plugin and click Deploy to trigger a new transaction.

Once deployed successfully on the blockchain, you will be redirected to your new Safe's homepage. Note that your Safe{Wallet} address appears in your browser's address bar at the end of the URL.

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