🤑Based af DAOs 2024 Contest

Onchain Summer II is for accelerating governance.

$5,000 USDC to the best-governed onchain team on Base

The Contest

We built Decent to help onchain orgs govern at startup speed. We’re incredibly excited by the growth on Base this year. With $7+ billion in TVL, we are inspired by the DeFi, infrastructure, social, gaming, NFT, memecoin, and other projects paving the way on Base! What do these projects have in common? A need to govern.

To show teams that you can in fact build while progressively decentralizing governance without slowing down on shipping velocity, we are excited to launch Based af DAOs for Base's Onchain Summer 2024.

From June-July, the onchain team that best demonstrates progressive, decentralized governance on app.decentdao.org will win $5,000 USDC and DAO advisory services from Decent DAO.

Live on Unlonely at EthCC, judges from Base, Hats, Safe, Gnosis Guild, and Decent DAO will judge pitches from the finalists and select a winner. In addition, we’ll host a vote on JokeRace for a community vote!

See the bounty on BountyCaster

How to Enter

  1. Create or migrate your multisig, token, or NFT governance to app.decentdao.org.

  2. Follow us on X and Farcaster.

  3. Tag us @decentdao on Farcaster and post your governance updates to /base: this can include votes, proposals, or any other important updates from your DAO. Proof of work!

Winning projects will demonstrate how they built or migrated their governance onto Decent and how they are actively decentralizing while building and innovating over six weeks. Like Base grants and in the spirit of Base as a whole, we’ll also consider how the builders are creating something unique and fun, bringing more people onchain, and making an impact.

Judges and Finals

Judges will include builders from Decent and Base, as well as partners like Hats, Safe, Gnosis Guild, Nillion, and a special community vote via JokeRace. While the contest runs, we’ll highlight DAOs that are decentralizing on Base each week with a deep-dive and community events to spotlight their work. The finalists will present their case in a not-like-Shark Tank-at-all liveshow on Unlonely.

All participants and judges will receive a Base Just Build It DAO-themed NFT.

Key Dates

  1. May 31st: contest is open!

  2. June-July: govern! Tag us @decentdao on /base with your proposals, votes, and decisions from your onchain org.

  3. Early July: finalists announced

  4. July 8-11 (date TBD): pitch/demo day! Live on Unlonely and at EthCC with judges from Hats, Safe, Gnosis Guild, and Decent DAO. $5,000 awarded to the best-governed team.


How do I enter?

Tag us @decentdao on /base and set up your governance on app.decentdao.org! That’s it.

We’re only ready to test governance out on Sepolia. Can we apply?

Teams that are testing their governance structure or want to explore the Decent app can apply. Teams that are live and governing on Base mainnet are more likely to win.

We’re just a dev team managing a multisig right now. Can we enter?

Yes, definitely! Decent is built for teams going from a multisig to step 1 of governance and for large DAOs on the brink alike!

We already have a governance token/NFT/Safe multisig model and govern on xyz tool. Can we enter?

Yes, definitely. We welcome teams with established governance as well. It’s easy to migrate governance to Decent via our onboarding process.

We’re building on Arbitrum/Blast/Degen/Mantle/Starknet/another L2, can we enter the contest?

Based af DAOs is focused primarily on the Base ecosystem. We may do a contest for other L2s. The best way to position yourself to win is to govern on Decent. Tag us and let us know which network you’d like to see the contest on next!

I need more help.

We got you. Our docs have guides and walkthroughs for setup and governance. Still have questions? Contact us hello@decentdao.org or ask a question in our community Telegram.

We love this contest idea. How can we help?

We would love to grow the prize pool and bring on additional judges and sponsors! Teams interested in a 1:1 match of $5000 to the prize pool will get co-sponsorship and branding as well as a judge slot for the final pitch day. Contact us hello@decentdao.org.

About Decent DAO

Decent DAO empowers onchain orgs to govern at startup speed. Our application is an EVM-compatible platform that enables tokenized smart contract protocols to progressively decentralize their governance and operations– without compromising on shipping velocity. Decent is built on Safe and audited by Halborn.

We help teams go from a Safe multisig or Snapshot client to fully modular onchain governance by offering composable tools, integrations, and workflows that support decentralization without compromising on execution.

Decent DAO is supported by the Decent Foundation and backed by partners including BlockTower Capital, GSR, Cumberland DRW, and 1kx. Learn more at www.decentdao.org.

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