Create a child Safe

Propose a child Safe

Visit the homepage of the Safe you would like to create a child Safe for (this Safe will be the parent).

For multisig governance, you must be a signer to propose a child Safe.

Using the Manage Safe menu (3 vertical dots), select Add a child Safe.

New Safe creation

Follow the same Safe creation flow as for parent Safes.

Configure Parent Controls

Here you will configure the parent Safe control parameters for your child Safe:

  • Freeze Votes Threshold - Total votes required by the parent to freeze the child Safe.

  • Freeze Proposal Period - The length of time for a freeze vote on the child Safe.

  • Freeze Period - The length of time a successful Freeze Vote will freeze this Safe from executing proposals.

Create child Safe Proposal

Click Create Child Safe Proposal to create a proposal on the parent Safe to deploy this child Safe.

Passing this proposal will allow the child Safe deployment transaction to be executed.

Viewing your child Safe

After passing and executing your child Safe proposal, your new Safe is now ready to interact with.

Visit the Organization page from the sidebar menu of your parent Safe to see its child Safes.

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